जन.मन  provides research help to the political parties & organizations, media houses, academic institutions and various social organizations working in the fields of human rights, environment and other pubic-related issues. It is backed by in-depth research and thorough analysis by experts. 

The program has primarily been designed to assist and enhance the ability of political parties & organizations to understand the voters and the issues pertaining to them. Through its Action Research Studies, it also powers and strengthens various institutions and organization, government as well as private, in their public endeavours.  

जन.मन  offers the following specialised services: 

1. Election Studies

2. Public Opinion Polling

3. SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analysis) 

4. Constituency Profiling

5. Perception Analysis

6. Need and Impact Assessment

7. Monitoring and Evaluation Studies

8. Feedback and Satisfaction Studies 

9. Action Research in Social Sciences

Team जन.मन

जन.मन  has a highly committed team of election and survey-analysis experts who are complemented by professionals with an in-depth understanding of specific knowledge verticals in the fields of politics, education, human rights, environment and others. 

The team is equipped with the following specialities:

• Understanding people’s perceptions and their attitudes towards politics and society  

• Legislative Assistance/ Research, Constituency Development Planning, Community Engagement, SWOT Polls and Surveys 

• Monitoring on a regular basis the functioning of  democracy on the ground with special attention to the participation of marginalized people 

• Developing a comparative understanding of democratic politics in different historical and cultural settings 

• Engaging with scholars from all over the world with a view to create and come up with the best solutions being used globally, and  

• Training a new generation of scholars and public intellectuals who can intervene in the discourse on democracy