The Democratic Mirror

Democracy is both the form of the government as well as ethics of the governance. It is essentially an attitude of respect and reverence towards fellow countrymen. The fundamental aspect of democracy is the right of individuals to associate freely and to organize themselves into different sorts of nongovernmental groups. Such groups represent different stakeholders who are free to nurture their own opinions and ideas. In a democratic country, ideally, all such opinions and ideas need to be taken into consideration for the decision making process. India has successfully sustained its parliamentary democracy as the form of government, but participation and dialogue between different stake-holders and institutions of Indian democracy is yet to be realized. The debate among the public institutions, pillars of democracy and institutions which impact public opinions and produce knowledge such as legislature, executive, judiciary, bureaucracy, film and entertainment industries and academics, has been largely missing. Thus, this platform (Democratic Mirror) is a unique endeavor to provide a space to such institutions, groups, associations and individuals in order to debate each other’s philosophical, pragmatic and potential domains of functioning. This space is unique in the sense that it shall not only provide opportunity to different stakeholders to generate a new discourse of democracy, but shall also provide people a sense of trust and confidence to strengthen Indian democracy.