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Our Initiatives

Few Initiatives for Change

Survey Methodology

SURVEY METHODOLOGY Field research will be carried out in the constituency at the Polling Booth level. The various phases of the study will be: • Phase I The first stage of sampling involves the selection of Assembly Constituencies. In national surveys they are stratified according to the states in which they lie, and the unit of sampling is the state in all surveys.

जन.मन Programme

जन.मन provides research help to the political parties & organizations, media houses, academic institutions and various social organizations working in the fields of human rights, environment and other pubic-related issues. It is backed by in-depth research and thorough analysis by experts.

The Democratic Mirror

Democracy is both the form of the government as well as ethics of the governance. It is essentially an attitude of respect and reverence towards fellow countrymen. The fundamental aspect of democracy is the right of individuals to associate freely and to organize themselves into different sorts of nongovernmental groups